Still Life

Week 6- Animals, Camera RAW, and Aging Images


Learning to See II

  © Sebastião Salgado/ AMAZONAS Images: With the men away in the cities, the women carry their goods to the market of Chimbote. Region of Chimborazo, Ecuador, 1998

It chronicles a group of people trudging over a high mountain pass with their few possessions. The sharpest focus is upon the travelers and the range of values is this black & white image is from darkest black to lightest white.  The dark clothing of the people forms a strong diagonal line in contrast to the lighter grasses they traverse.  The photograph is fairly balanced on each side of the trail by the mountains to the left and grass to the right, emphasizing the people. The image communicates the vast size and scope of the setting and the insignificance of humankind. The background is perhaps the village, down in the valley, which they are leaving.  The line of gray clouds is foreboding and oppressive.  We see only their backs as they are turned away from their old life.  The bright sky in the upper right might symbolize a new start and hope. The people have a repetitive theme, particularly with the hats they wear and the bundles they carry. The peaks of the mountains also form a line as they recede into the background. The fields in the valley are geometric shapes against the curves of the ridges and mountains.  It appears that the group is approaching the flatter top of the mountain pass and that the journey may continue downhill for a time with perhaps another mountain to climb. This photograph communicates the struggles of unknown humans everywhere; individuals and their circumstances that we may never personally know.  

Camera RAW

Aging Images